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Are you searching the best 3D animation institute in Dunlop ?

Hey, are you from the Dunlop location and want to pursue 3D animation as your career? Then, go through this article. In Dunlop, you can find many animation institutes, but why should you choose Moople Institute? You will find the answer below

Overview of the best 3D animation course in Dunlop:

At Moople Institute, we believe in a holistic way of learning; that’s why we not only focus on theoretical learning but also train students practically. Our 3D animation course module is designed to bridge the gap between the skilled workforce and industry.

We have a dedicated hiring platform that helps our students to get their dream jobs. Our faculties are determined to train students to be a great fit for the 3D animation industry. Faculties are one of the main reason that makes Moople Institute the best 3D animation institute in Dunlop.

Moople’s lab infrastructure is another great place that highly benefits our students because many students do not have high-end computer setups at home, but in our lab, students can practice what they have learned in their respective classes because 3D animation is one of the most practical skill-oriented fields.

Best 3D animation course module in dunlop:

Module One: 3D modeling, Texturing, Lighting & Rendering

3D Animation Course Module One
  • Introduction to 3D Production Pipeline
  • Maya Introduction
  • 3d Basic Modeling in Maya
  • 3D assets & props Modeling in Maya
  • Texturing in Photoshop , Maya
  • 3D lighting & rendering in Maya Arnold.
  • Different types of light and Shaders in Maya

Module Two: 3D Animation

3D animation course module Two
  • Introduction to Animation principle
  • Basic to Advance Rigging
  • Basic bouncing ball Animation In Maya
  • Introduction to Character Animation
  • Different Pose Study In Maya
  • Advance Body mechanism
  • Acting for Animation
  • Lip-sync and facial expressions
  • Students portfolio Making in 3D

Our 3D animation course is designed to make you a highly skilled 3D animator. From learning basic software like Photoshop to advanced 3D modeling software like Autodesk Maya and Adobe Substance Painter, you will learn all of the industry-level tools to become the best 3D animator.

Is 3D animation worth learning in 2024:

According to, the “3D Animation Market Size was valued at USD 17.21 billion in 2021. The 3D Animation market industry is projected to grow from USD 19.32 billion in 2022 to USD 46.89 billion by 2030, exhibiting a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 11.7% during the forecast period (2022 – 2030).”

In 2024, learning 3D animation remains not only relevant but increasingly essential in various industries, making it undoubtedly worth the investment of time and effort. The continued growth of digital media, entertainment, advertising, gaming, virtual reality, and augmented reality underscores the demand for skilled 3D animators.

1) High Demand in Various Industries:

Industries such as film, television, gaming, advertising, virtual reality, and augmented reality continue to seek skilled 3D animators. The need for visually engaging content remains constant, driving demand for professionals proficient in 3D animation.

2) Versatility and Application:

3D animation skills are applicable across a wide range of fields, including entertainment, architecture, product visualization, education, and medical simulation. The ability to create lifelike characters, immersive environments, and interactive experiences is highly valued in today’s digital world.

3) Career Opportunities and Advancement:

Proficiency in 3D animation opens up diverse career opportunities, from working in animation studios and game development companies to freelancing and entrepreneurial ventures. With the right skills and experience, individuals can advance to leadership roles, such as animation directors, technical directors, or creative directors.

4) Technological Advancements and Tools:

Continuous advancements in technology and software tools enhance the capabilities of 3D animation, allowing for more realistic effects, fluid character animation, and streamlined workflows. Learning 3D animation provides access to cutting-edge tools and techniques that keep professionals competitive in the industry.

5) Global Accessibility and Collaboration:

Online platforms and communities facilitate learning and collaboration among 3D artists worldwide, offering opportunities for networking, feedback, and skill development. Remote work options enable individuals to work on projects from anywhere, contributing to a flexible and dynamic career path.

3D Models designed by our students:

1) What is the duration of the 3D animation course ?

We provide a 14-month-long 3D animation course in which you will learn from basic to advanced 3D animation and software like Photoshop, Adobe Premier Pro, 3D Maya, and Adobe Substance Painter.

2) What kind of facilities you offer ?

We offer various kinds of facilities, from advanced practical labs to placement facilities; Moople will give you an opportunity for holistic growth.

3) Do you have separate labs ?

Best lab facility by moople

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