List Top 3D Animation Course Fees in Kolkata in 2024

List of Top 3D Animation Course Fees in Kolkata in 2024 | Moople Institute

If you are interested in learning animation and VFX and building a multimedia career, then you are at the right place. In this article, you will find a list of the best 3D animation institutes in Kolkata and their course fees for 2023-2024.

SLNO InstituteCourse FeesPlacements and Packages LocationBased on Google Reviews
1Moople Institute of Animation & DesignRs.35,000 to 
Rs. 2,00,000

Diploma and Bsc in Animation
3,00,000PA to 6,00,000PA4th Floor, 153 B.T. Road, more, beside Reliance Digital, Dunlop, Kolkata, West Bengal 7001084.9/5
2NSHM Knowledge Campus, KolkataRs.4,42,5000 to

Bachelors in Animation
2,00,000 PA to 5,00,000PA124, 60, Basanta Lal Saha Rd, Tara Park, Behala, Kolkata, West Bengal 7000534.0/5
3St. Xavier’s College – [SXC], KolkataStarting from Rs.38,000

Certificate Course on Animation
2,00,000 PA to 4,00,000PA30, Mother Teresa Sarani, Mullick Bazar, Park Street area, Kolkata, West Bengal 7000164.3/5
4Institute of Management Study – [IMS], KolkataRs.1,60,000

Bachelor Degree in Animation
2,40,000 PA to 5,00,000PAE.M.Bypass, 93, Mukundapur Main Road, near Sankara Nethralaya Hospital, Kolkata, West Bengal 7000754.0/5
5Amity University, KolkataRs. 86,000

Bachelor Degree in Animation
2,40,000 PA to 3,00,000PAMajor Arterial Road, AA II, Newtown, Kadampukur, West Bengal 7001354.2/5
6Brainware University, KolkataRs. 3,72,200
Bachelor Degree in Animation
2,00,000 PA to 3,00,000PAY8, Block – EP, Sector V, Salt Lake City, Kolkata, West Bengal 7000914.1/5
7Institute of Leadership, Entrepreneurship, and Development – [ILEAD], KolkataRs. 4,10,000
Bachelor Degree in Animation
2,00,000 PA to 4,50,000PA113 J Matheswartola Road, Near Axis Bank, Off Park Regency Hotel, Topsia, Kolkata, West Bengal 7000463.9/5
8Institute of Mass Communication Film And Television Studies – [IMCFTS], KolkataRs. 4,10,000

Bachelor Degree in Animation
2,00,000 PA to 3,50,000 PA261, 12, Prince Anwar Shah Rd, Rajendra Prasad Colony, Tollygunge, Kolkata, West Bengal 7000333.8/5
9CAD Centre, Jadavpur University, KolkataRs. 5000

Certificate Course in Animation
NullPRAYUKTI BHAVAN, University, 2nd Floor, Jadavpur, Kolkata, West Bengal 7000323.5/5
10Sister Nivedita University – [SNU], KolkataRs. 3,60,000

Bachelor Degree in Animation
2,00,000 PA to 5,30,000 PADG Block(Newtown), Action Area I, 1/2, Newtown, New Town, Chakpachuria, West Bengal 7001564.0/5
11George Group of Colleges, KolkataRs. 1,80,000
Bachelor Degree in Animation
1,00,000 PA to
2,50,000 PA
136, Bepin Behari Ganguly St, Lebutala, Bowbazar, Kolkata, West Bengal 7000123.8/5
12MAAC Rs. 1,00,000
Diploma in Animation
1,00,000 PA to
3,00,000 PA
Ground Floor, 6B, Jatindra Mohan Avenue, Girish Park, Kolkata, West Bengal 7000064.0/5
13 ArenaRs. 2,00,000
Diploma in animation
1,00,000 PA to
3,00,000 PA
1st Floor, Merlin, 104, Bidhannagar Rd, beside Bidhannagar Station, Kolkata, West Bengal 7000674.9/5

These institutes are the top 3D animation course providers in India. If you want to learn 3D animation, you must know 360° about this industry. Sometimes, it can be very challenging to meet deadlines, but on the other hand, the industry is advantageous. If you are good with your skill set, then nothing can be a roadblock to you.

So if you’re serious about 3D animation then lets deep dive into the challenges and opportunities of this industry

Challenges of a 3D Animation Artist:

One of the foremost challenges is the constant evolution of technology. Software and tools integral to 3D animation are frequently updated, requiring artists to stay abreast of the latest advancements. Adapting to new platforms can be time-consuming and demands a commitment to continuous learning.

1) Intense Competition:

The 3D animation industry is highly competitive, with many talented artists vying for opportunities. Breaking through and securing projects often necessitates exceptional skills, a distinctive artistic voice, and a robust portfolio.

2) Tight Deadlines and High Expectations:

The demand for high-quality animations within tight deadlines is a ubiquitous challenge. Artists must balance creativity with efficiency, often under pressure to meet client or production company expectations. This can lead to burnout if not managed effectively.

3) Financial Inconsistency:

Freelance 3D animators, in particular, face financial uncertainty due to the project-based nature of their work. Inconsistent income and the need to constantly secure new projects pose challenges in maintaining financial stability and planning for the future.

4) Intellectual Property Concerns:

Navigating the intricacies of intellectual property rights is a significant challenge in the 3D animation industry. Artists must be vigilant about protecting their original work while respecting copyright laws, contracts, and client agreements.

5) Balancing Creativity and Commercial Viability:

Striking a balance between creative expression and commercial viability is an ongoing challenge. Artists often find themselves at the intersection of artistic integrity and market demands, requiring them to make strategic decisions to thrive in a competitive industry.

6) Collaboration Hurdles:

Collaboration is integral to the animation process, especially in larger projects. Communication challenges, differences in artistic vision, and coordinating with diverse team members can be complex, demanding practical interpersonal skills alongside technical expertise.

7) Rapid Technological Advancements:

One of the foremost challenges is the constant evolution of technology. Software and tools integral to 3D animation are frequently updated, requiring artists to stay abreast of the latest advancements. Adapting to new platforms can be time-consuming and demands a commitment to continuous learning.

Opportunities in the field of 3D Animation Industry:

1) Entertainment Industry:

The entertainment sector, including film, television, and streaming platforms, remains a significant hub for 3D animators. Opportunities abound in creating visually stunning and immersive experiences for audiences through animated movies, TV shows, and online content.

2) Gaming Industry:

With the gaming industry experiencing exponential growth, 3D animators are in high demand to bring characters, environments, and special effects to life. From indie game studios to major gaming companies, opportunities exist for animators to contribute to developing captivating interactive experiences.

3) Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR/AR):

The emergence of VR and AR technologies has opened up exciting possibilities for 3D animators. From creating immersive virtual worlds to developing interactive AR applications, animators play a crucial role in shaping the future of these immersive technologies.

4) Advertising and Marketing:

Businesses are increasingly leveraging 3D animation for advertising and marketing purposes. Animators contribute to creating visually appealing advertisements, promotional videos, and interactive content that captivates audiences and enhances brand visibility.

5) Medical and Scientific Visualization:

In education and research, 3D animation is utilized for medical and scientific visualization. Animators have the opportunity to work on projects that communicate complex scientific concepts, medical procedures, and educational content in a visually engaging manner.

6) Architectural Visualization:

Architects and designers use 3D animation to visualize and present architectural concepts. Animators in this field contribute to creating realistic renderings and walkthroughs that aid in the planning and marketing architectural projects.

7) E-learning and Training:

The demand for engaging and interactive e-learning content is on the rise. 3D animators play a vital role in developing educational animations and simulations for online courses, training programs, and educational platforms.

8) Freelancing and Entrepreneurship:

The digital age has empowered 3D animators to work independently as freelancers or entrepreneurs. Opportunities exist to take on diverse projects, collaborate with clients worldwide, and build a personal brand within the industry.

If you are from Kolkata then Moople Institute of Animation and Design can help you with its cutting edge infrastructure and industry specific 3D animation course module.

Facilities Our Students are Getting:

In the ever-evolving landscape of animation education, the choice of an institute plays a pivotal role in shaping a student’s learning experience and future career. Moople Institute of Animation is a beacon of excellence, offering cutting-edge learning facilities, experienced faculty, and a dedicated placement portal. This blog delves into the distinctive features that make Moople a premier destination for aspiring animators.

1) Cutting-Edge Lab and Learning Facilities:

At the heart of Moople Institute of Animation is a state-of-the-art lab equipped with cutting-edge technology. Students can access the latest animation software, high-performance computers, and industry-standard hardware. The institute’s commitment to providing a hands-on learning experience ensures that students are well-acquainted with the tools and techniques used in the dynamic field of animation.

2) Great Faculties:

The strength of any educational institution lies in its faculty, and Moople prides itself on having a team of experienced and industry-savvy instructors. These faculty members bring a wealth of real-world experience to the classroom, ensuring that students receive not only theoretical knowledge but also practical insights into the nuances of animation production.

3) Dedicated Placement Portal:

Recognizing the importance of a seamless transition from education to employment, Moople Institute of Animation has developed a dedicated placement portal. This portal bridges students and industry opportunities, connecting them with potential employers, internships, and freelance projects.

3D Animation Course Module of Moople Institute of Animation and Design:

Module One: 3D modeling, Texturing, Lighting & Rendering

  • Introduction to 3D Production Pipeline
  • Maya Introduction
  • 3D Basic Modeling in Maya
  • 3D assets & props Modeling in Maya
  • Texturing in Photoshop , Maya
  • 3D lighting & rendering in Maya Arnold.
  • Different types of light and Shaders in Maya

Module Two: 3D Animation

  • Introduction to Animation principle
  • Basic to Advance Rigging
  • Basic bouncing ball Animation In Maya
  • Introduction to Character Animation
  • Different Pose Study In Maya
  • Advance Body mechanism
  • Acting for Animation
  • Lip-sync and facial expressions
  • Students portfolio Making in 3D

In conclusion, Moople Institute of Animation offers a top-notch learning experience, blending cutting-edge facilities, experienced faculty, and a dedicated placement portal.

The state-of-the-art lab equips students with the latest tools, ensuring industry readiness. The experienced faculty brings real-world insights, fostering a dynamic learning environment.

The institute’s commitment to career growth is evident in the placement portal, facilitating industry connections. Choosing Moople is an investment in a successful animation career, combining education, practical skills, and professional opportunities for a holistic learning journey.

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