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Want to Learn 3D Animation in Kolkata? | Choose Moople Institute.

If you want to learn 3D animation in Kolkata, you have to keep in mind that 3D animation is not an easy subject, but with correct guidance and training one can master this field. 

It requires a lot of knowledge in body mechanics, facial expressions and specially lighting so in this blog we will discuss what you need to learn if you want to be a good 3D animation artist and how Moople Institute of Animation and Design Help you to learn it.

What You Will Be Learning in the Best 3D Animation Course in Kolkata: 

At our institute we believe in a holistic approach of learning. We not only teach you the animation softwares like 3D Maya, Blender, Adobe Animate and Adobe Substance etc. but also help our students to learn the concept of storytelling and body architectures. Let’s find out what Moople has to offer,

1) Best Industry Expert Faculty :

Moople Institute of Animation and Design stands as the best 3D animation training center in Kolkata, with our distinguished faculty serving as the cornerstone of our institution. These seasoned experts play a pivotal role in shaping aspiring 3D artists into industry professionals. Drawing from extensive experience, our faculty members have predominantly worked with renowned MNC production houses such as Vertical 3D Tech, Praxis Advertising, Digital Domain, Industrial Light & Magic, and Pixar India.

Beyond imparting animation skills, our dedicated faculty goes the extra mile by equipping students with interview preparation and assisting in the creation of outstanding portfolios. This holistic approach ensures that our graduates are well-prepared to embark on successful careers in the field.

2) Placement Facility:

At Moople Institute, we take pride in delivering unparalleled placement assistance, understanding that students anticipate rewarding employment opportunities after dedicating their time and resources to this field. 

We’ve crafted a specialized platform for placement support, facilitating our students’ seamless connection with their dream jobs. Witness our graduates finding their places within esteemed production companies such as SFV Cinemas, Gener 8, Red Chilli Production, DNEG, and Netscribe, among others. Don’t just take our word for it – explore the glowing testimonials that underscore the success stories of our alums

This commitment to nurturing talent and securing promising career paths positions Moople as the premier 3D animation training institute in Kolkata. Join us and embark on a journey where your aspirations are met with unparalleled support and opportunities.

3) Best Industry Relevant Course Module :

Check out the best 3D animation course module that makes an aspiring student into a 3D artist.

Course Module 1: 3D modeling, Texturing, Lighting & Rendering | Duration 6 Months

  • Introduction to 3D Production Pipeline
  • Maya Introduction
  • 3d Basic Modeling in Maya
  • 3D assets & props Modeling in Maya
  • Texturing in Photoshop , Maya
  • 3D lighting & rendering by Maya Arnold.
  • Different types of light and Shaders in Maya

Softwares You Will Learn: i) Adobe Substance Painter, ii) Adobe Photoshop, iii) Autodesk Maya

 Course Module 2 : 3D Animation

  • Introduction to Animation principle
  • Basic to Advance Rigging
  • Basic bouncing ball Animation In Maya
  • Introduction to Character Animation
  • Different Pose Study In Maya
  • Advance Body mechanism
  • Acting for Animation
  • Lip-sync and facial expressions
  • Students portfolio Making in 3D

Softwares You Will Learn: i) Adobe Substance Painter, ii) Adobe Photoshop, iii) Adobe Premiere Pro.

4) Lab facility and Infrastructure :

At Moople, we boast top-tier infrastructure and state-of-the-art computer labs, providing an ideal environment for students to master the art of 3D Animation seamlessly. Recognizing that a hassle-free computer setup is essential for effective learning, we have curated an unparalleled facility.

In acknowledgment of the challenges some students face with computer access, our labs offer round-the-clock practice support, ensuring that every student has the resources they need to thrive.

Our dedicated computer labs are available for booking, allowing students to reinforce their classroom learning with practical, hands-on experience at any time. This commitment to accessibility and hands-on practice solidifies Moople’s reputation as the best 3D Animation Institute in Kolkata. 

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